"Outstanding! I've been in and around gyms for 20 years and can confidently say these guys are the friendliest, most professional, customer focused and results achieving people I have ever had the pleasure to be trained by. Able to cater for all abilities and with a genuine care about you. Absolutely the best!"


"I climbed those stairs over 12 months ago and have not looked back. When I met Kerrie and Mark and all the wonderful trainers I felt so comfortable and knew even though of mature age I could do this!! Here I am still doing great classes and loving it. Just take the walk up the stairs and and see for yourself!"

Kogarah Bay

"I am one of those people who had an aversion to going to gym - never thought I would do it! So if you are thinking about joining a gym, I promise you won't be disappointed at HighLow."


"Prior to joining Highlow I was overweight and unhappy with my body and fitness level. I believed at my age that I couldn't improve much. This is because I used to believe the myth that the older you were the more difficult it was to lose weight but I was proven WRONG. Highlow have been like a second family to me and have assisted me so much in achieving my fitness goals."

Sans Souci

"I've always been a weights only guy and never really did much cardio, however HighLow Fitness has changed this and made cardio enjoyable for me. Their trainers are both the most friendly and professional ones I've come across, and they pay attention to detail and provide encouragement. So even though you're in a group session the whole time, they don't leave you feeling like you're just 'another number'. Highly recommended!"


"I LOVE you guys. You have helped me change my life (again) but this time is different, I am more ready. I am NOT giving in to injury. I know I am not alone in this journey as I am seeing so many members turning their life around and becoming more and more alive and on the road to FIT Heaven. I was very blessed to start back just in time for the Transform to begin and it gave me the extra push I needed. I wish I could stand on a platform and tell the locals how sensational you are.. Oh wait.. I am!"


'Joining Highlow has been the best thing I've ever done for myself."

Brighton Le Sands

"Been attending for just over a year now and love both the training and friendly atmosphere equally. Challenging functional strength training, muscle recovery/flexibility classes, motivating trainers - a winning combination!"


"I have been training at HighLow 2-3 times a week since it opened and my fitness level has improved dramatically. Quality equipment, MyZone Heart Rate technology and top notch trainers that really know Functional Training."


"Absolutely love it. My fitness was at an all time low but after only a few weeks I can feel that changing. The team are inspiring, help you to challenge yourself and they make sure you are training safely. Thanks Highlow fitness."


"Great classes and awesome trainers! Love the support I get from all the staff there! After every session I can't wait to get back in there and burn some serious calories."

Carss Park

"Awesome gym. Love all the classes. Trainers are friendly and know what they are talking about. It's such good value for money too. So glad I found this place."