HighLow riverwood

All the details you need for our club located in Riverwood

150 Belmore Road North,
Riverwood NSW 2210
Located inside the Morris Iemma Indoor Sports Centre

(02) 9584 2773

Opening Hours
Mon – Thu 5:20am – 8:45pm
Fri 5:20am – 6:45pm
Sat 8am – 10:40am
Sun 8am – 11am

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    Program Timetable


    Program Overview

    A dynamic HIIT session combining state of the art cardio equipment with functional strength accessories like Kettlebells, Powerblocks and Suspension straps. Our trainers motivate and educate you all the way!
    An amazing circuit based HIIT session where our trainers show their education and imagination with the different stations. No two sessions are the same, and the zone layouts create a fantastic atmosphere.
    A unique boxing and spin cycle HIIT session using innovative products like “Punch Box”, catering for beginners to advanced. The cardio drills on our spin bikes, supervised functional strength and core work components make BOXON a must try.
    A session that challenges participants in all our zones during the session. Our unique brand of HIIT sessions are taken to another level exposing all your strengths and weaknesses.
    We will prove to you that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is for everybody. It’s never too late to start exercising and these sessions will make your body stronger and improve your cardio vascular system under our safe guidance. Gym visits can be fun so try it for yourself and start feeling amazing with a FREE SESSION TRIAL!
    A session focused on strength training which is key to building a stronger body no matter what your goals are. LIFT combines bench work using PowerBlocks along with functional and suspension strength exercises that are essential for all fitness enthusiasts to improve your technique and body capabilities and compliment all your other training.
    Show up with the attitude “Expect the unexpected” and we will deliver in this session! Once you have mastered a basic understanding of our accessories like suspension straps and kettle bells and looking for your next challenge, this is perfect.