HighLow has developed several engaging and scientifically based exercise programs for all ages and levels of experience.
We’ll help you get a real understanding of your body, what your goals in fitness are and recommend programs to help you reach them.


A dynamic HIIT session combining state of the art cardio equipment with functional strength accessories like Kettlebells, Powerblocks and Suspension straps. Our trainers motivate and educate you all the way!


An amazing circuit based HIIT session where our trainers show their education and imagination with the different stations. No two sessions are the same, and the zone layouts create a fantastic atmosphere.


A unique boxing and spin cycle HIIT session using innovative products like “Punch Box”, catering for beginners to advanced. The cardio drills on our spin bikes, supervised functional strength and core work components make BOXON a must try.


Not all workouts need a strong cardio component as our muscles appreciate a session focus on Strength and Recovery to feel rejuvenated. We incorporate a product called In-Trinity which is an elevated board designed to build strength, deepen flexibility and improve balance.


A session that challenges participants in all our zones during the session. Our unique brand of HIIT sessions are taken to another level exposing all your strengths and weaknesses.


Designed for 13-16 year old teens who want the competitive edge that HIIT sessions give for better results in individual or team sports. TIP sessions are also ideal for those wanting to be introduced to the gym environment early. Our trainers make it fun, safe and prove the results via varying benchmarks.


A session focused on strength training which is key to building a stronger body no matter what your goals are. LIFT combines bench work using PowerBlocks along with functional and suspension strength exercises that are essential for all fitness enthusiasts to improve your technique and body capabilities and compliment all your other training.


Two rounds of Mayhem is for members with 2 months experience or more who are read to race against the clock! The session is a true benchmark of your fitness journey and proves how HIIT grows fitness levels like nothing else.


We will prove to you that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is for everybody. It’s never too late to start exercising and these sessions will make your body stronger and improve your cardio vascular system under our safe guidance. Gym visits can be fun so try it for yourself and start feeling amazing with a FREE SESSION TRIAL!


These sessions will strengthen your glutes, back and all muscles in the midsection. The core is your centre of gravity and functional movements are highly dependent on this part of the body and key for a fitter, stronger you.


Show up with the attitude “Expect the unexpected” and we will deliver in this session! Once you have mastered a basic understanding of our accessories like suspension straps and kettle bells and looking for your next challenge, this is perfect.