Key Investor Highlights

Company Status:

  • Award winning and profitable business model;
  • Established and proven IP and processes;
  • Existing operations with one wholly owned centre and three franchisees;
  • Multiple licencing options resulting in multiple revenue streams;
  • The only multi zone boutique HIIT model currently in the market;
  • Engaged and supportive stakeholders.

Products & Services:

  • HighLow provides High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes to a wide variety of clients of all ages and fitness levels including teen sessions (8-14 years old) and over 55’s;
  • Offers a proven multi-zoned training program;
  • Offers “club within a club” opportunities to allow existing gym businesses to licence the model from HighLow and offer classes as add on opportunities to existing member bases.


  • HighLow operates in a $2.2b per year industry in Australia;
  • Industry profit of $229.2m per year;
  • Strong and consistent industry growth of 5.3% per annum over the past 5 years;
  • The industry is expected to continue its growth by 2.3% per annum to $2.5b by 2023;
  • The global health club industry is a US$87.23b market.