In-Trinity: Body Wellness Sessions | Highlow Fitness

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is for people as flexible as rubber bands!

We have introductory sessions for most of us who feel as stiff as the In-Trinity board you will train on. Every session of exercise doesn’t have to be an intense cardio or strength focused session. This will compliment everything else you do in exercise and you will be so glad you were introduced to this cutting edge way to develop your body and enhance all the goals you have. As a Master Trainer of In-Trinity I would love to offer you a personal introduction session to this amazing programme for FREE.

Kerrie Garrahy
Managing Director


IN-TRINITY: A RAISED PLATFORM, AN ELEVATED PRACTICE, A NEW PARADIGM. The Johnny G In-Trinity® Board by Matrix is an innovative incline training platform that builds strength, deepens flexibility, and improves balance, coordination and agility. It presents the unique opportunity for movement below the board, which allows users to train more deeply and in ways never possible before. In-Trinity training is an exciting and original exercise modality that breathes new life into traditional practices.

The expansive In-Trinity programming draws from traditional disciplines including yoga and martial arts to create a vast body of exercises that promote physical wellness as well as mindfulness.
The incredibly versatile board is a refreshing complement to existing exercise protocols and presents opportunity to enhance and re-imagine a variety of training regimens or independent exercise.
The simplicity of the In-Trinity board belies the depth of its versatility and functionality