Herald 29th August

Herald 29th August

Hi Everybody,

We are very excited about the upcoming 8 Week Transform “Slimmer for summer” and loving everybody’s enthusiasm to participate, so be sure to sign up at reception next time you visit if you haven’t already. There are many inclusions highlighted by the 20 page guide and diary, outdoor sessions and fantastic seminars which will ensure you look your best this summer and take your HIIT fitness and body composition results to the next level.

LAST CHANCE FOR ORDERING HIGHLOW HIIT SQUAD TRAINING GEAR. We have singlet and tshirt samples at reception and need to have our final order in by CLOSE OF BUSINESS MONDAY (to be ready for the Brighton Dash)so please size up and put your order in even if your aren’t participating in that event. The quality training material T-Shirts and singlets are $25 and $20 respectively so order now and wear them with pride!

Our nutrition supplements are now in stock and have been well received . We have a bigger order due in late this week to cope with the initial demand. See below for pricing of our three offerings:

Carnitine* –Fantastic for energy and a fat burning metaboliser to take pre workout and enhance results.
Whey Protein Powder* – A post workout supplement to replenish and aid muscle recovery and deliver a concentrated dose of protein to your body.
Protein Bars *– A tasty and fast way for you to reward your body with extra protein and help you avoid snacking poorly! Wholesale price options available as well in boxes of 12.

*Naturally if you have allergies or food concerns please consult your physician before using but rest assured these supplements are widely used by a mass audience.

It is so exciting now that spring has sprung and for all you HIIT warriors that have trained so well over winter it’s time to reap the rewards! For all your friends that are now ready to follow in your foot steps in these warmer months, we thank you for recommending us and will do our best to welcome them to our fitness community. The big advantage for everybody with our spiking growth is that it allows us the opportunity to significantly bump up our sessions numbers over the 7 day timetable and reward you with more choices at the same time to suit you J. We plan to introduce the new timetable over the October long weekend and when our 8 Week Transform starts.

Thanks to Sandra, Claudette, Helena, Team Wyatt and Morrell (to name a few) who have given valuable feedback and timetable suggestions. This is your LAST CHANCE to help us model our timetable best and we sincerely value your input. Even if we don’t get it perfect in this next edition it is our goal to cater for the “majority vote” as best as we can. Please email me personally and thankyou in advance with all suggestions that are naturally kept in confidence